1. If I any of the following situations, we do not consider you divorce to be uncontested/irreconcilable difference.
  • You cannot agree on child support.
  • You cannot agree on child custody.
  • You cannot agree on spousal support.
  • You cannot agree on child visitation.
  • You cannot agree on where to file the divorce.
  • You cannot agree on property division.
  • You do not know where the other party is.
  • The other party is unaware you want a divorce.
  • You want us to communicate directly with the other party.

  1. How do I determine what state to file a matter involving the custody of children?
  • Cases involving the custody of children must be filed in whatever state the child has been a resident of for six (6) of the last twelve (12) months barring some special circumstances.
  • If it is a divorce involving children the Court can grant the divorce if one of the parties has been a resident of the state of Mississippi or Tennessee for the last six (6) months, but most will not do so if child custody, child support and child visitation have not been provided for in other court cases.

  1. What do you bring with you to the appointment?
  • Everything, we do not know what we need to see until we hear the details of the case from you.

  1. What do I need to know before a child support modification or establishment in Tennessee?
  • How often the child stays overnight with you in a one (1) year period.
  • The average amount of money both of the parties made over a fifteen (15) month period (the income can be from a wide variety of sources including cash jobs).
  • How many children both of the parties have living in their home.
  • How many children both of the parties have living outside their home.
  • Who pays aftercare for the child if they are in aftercare.
  • Who pays for insurance for the child.
  • You can get a deduction based on other child support orders but you must be paying the order.
  • Child support is assessed back to the date in which your child was born.
  • Retroactive (back support) can be reduced if you can show that support was paid prior to the hearing.

  1. Do I have to speak with the adjuster on a personal injury case?
  • No, do not give a statement especially a recorded statement to the adjuster prior to speaking with an attorney.

  1. Why do I need an attorney for a Driving Under the Influence case in Mississippi?
  • Mississippi has law to assist 1st time offenders with keeping the DUI off their record, but an attorney will assist you with determining if you are qualified.